Ruidoso homes – Apartments and Interiors

Ruidoso homes – Apartments and Interiors

More people are choosing to downsize and live in apartments and minimalist decoration is in great demand.  Apartments by their very nature are designed to be compact – many people like the charm of a clutter-free, clean home.  There are different types of Ruidoso homes and apartments to choose from and it can be a bit tricky if there are a few residents and little storage.  An interior designer can help in creating a livable space. Minimalist interior design usually maximizes space with little division to create the illusion of open spaces. Remember, location is an important factor too.

Decorating apartments

There is no doubt that the layout of Ruidoso homes plays a big role in its appeal to buyers.  Since apartments are smaller, interior designers use innovative methods to open up spaces – the first thing to do is to paint the walls in a color that makes spaces look bigger.   Then the actual job of designing spaces begins.

Creating space

Less clutter makes it easy for people to move around.  Make a list of essentials that are needed to make the space cozy.  Make sure that furniture is to scale in different rooms so that one can move around with ease.  If one absolutely needs to have specific electronic items, then include that in the floor design unless it can be hung up on a wall.


Space is always a concern in apartments – there are quite a few smart ideas for storage which can double up as utilitarian items as well.  If there is enough cabinet space, then putting items away becomes easy.  This is especially important in kitchens and bathrooms.  Storage in bedrooms can be added by using nightstands and armoires which are to scale.  In the living room, coffee tables and ottomans offer good storage.  Shelving is another method when strategically placed can help keep spaces clutter-free while still offering a place to keep items like books.  Islands in kitchens offer tremendous storage possibilities.  Entertainment centers in a living room take care of TVs, DVD players and other electronics.

Arranging spaces

In case an apartment has wood floors, it is best not to put any rugs.  Wood and tile floors give the illusion of space and bring elegance to a room.  Pick good quality sofas so that they last and add style to a living room.  Reconsider the idea of coffee and end tables if there isn’t enough space and add a centerpiece for storage.  Floating shelves offer a place to put pictures, knickknacks and books.  Most designers recommend keeping pictures and paintings to a minimum for a clean look.  In case the apartment has a large living and dining area, an opaque partition can be used to divide the space and also offer a modicum of privacy.

Using colors

It is always best to go for light colors on the wall – even though white could be considered boring, it helps as one can choose furniture/furnishings in any color as well as decorative items.  Bold colors can be used in furnishings to bring color to a room. Make sure to keep large decorative items like vases to a minimum as they can break easily.  These are okay in homes without young children. Be sure to keep a budget in mind. If you need any additional funds, a payday loan could help you to get everything together in time.


Lighting is an important element as well – make sure that the apartment has a lot of windows which will let in natural light.  Adding nice blinds – fabric or wood – can be used to create private spaces when needed. Putting lamps in corners and setting them at odd angles will create lovely patterns. Chandeliers can be used as well if the space permits. Track lighting is especially useful in apartments with little floor space – these can be used to highlight wall art and other objects d’art in a home.